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Dr. Shipra Vaishnava (Principal Investigator)

Assistant Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology


BMC 591
171 Meeting Street
Brown University
Providence RI 02912
Phone: 401-863-6403


Geon Goo Han

Postdoctorate Fellow, MMI

My project focuses on the role of low-abundant bacteria on the host immune system in the gut. I am from Seoul, South Korea. I like playing basketball and traveling.


Masha Glik

Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry

I study the role of gut microbiome and diet in Vitamin A assimilation and host immune response. I am from Moscow, Russia. I love cooking, fermenting foods, and start each day with Ashtanga yoga!


Meera Singh

Undergraduate Student, Immunology Track

I'm working on a project about how diet affects vitamin A assimilation and the host immune response. I'm from Massachusetts and I love painting, dancing, and anything hands-on and creative! 


Sarah Gordon

Graduate Student, MCB

I work on understanding how zinc influences host-microbe interactions in the gut. I’m from New Jersey and I grew up near farmland! I like spending time at the shore and going on road trips with friends. 


Rebecca Yunker

Graduate Student, Pathobiology

My rotation is focused on studying the impact of a pet store microbiome in germ free or specific pathogen free mice. I'm from Albany, NY and I love to paint and read in my spare time.


Maryam Bonakdar

Graduate Student, Pathobiology

My project involves studying the role of gut microbiome in Vitamin A metabolism in the liver and its impact on liver physiology. I'm from Iran. I like watercolor painting, cooking and traveling.


Sarah Luong

Research Technician

At work, I take care of the mice, feeding them. At home I take care of my cat, Bep, feeding her. Those are complicated relationships, but both Bep and the mice haven't complained yet so I guess it works... By the way, I am from Vietnam.

current members

past members

Irina Smolenski (Jan 2015- May 2018).

Joshua Hackney (May 2015- May 2016), Microbiology Graduate Student at University of Chicago.

Dr. Namrata Iyer (Post-doctoral Fellow, MMI), Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin.

Kellyanne Duncan (Graduate Student, Pathobiology), Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Xavier Lab, Harvard University.

Myles Bartholomew (Rotation, Graduate Student, MCB).

​Mayara Grizotte-Lake (Graduate Student and Post-doctoral Fellow, MMI).

Gracie Whelan (Undergraduate Student, Biology).

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